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Botunity is the easiest way to find talent in the Bot & AI space

Botunity is the job site for the Bot and AI industry. Whether you’re a company looking to hire talent or someone seeking work in chatbots, artificial intelligence or machine learning, you’ll probably know that the fourth industrial revolution is well underway and accelerating rapidly.

We launched Botunity to connect, inspire, inform and accelerate the Bot and AI innovation movement. Through our website, we help companies find great talent and great talent find leading companies in the space.

We’re on a mission to help grow the Bot and AI space on a global scale by providing a place to connect talent and companies.

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Will Sims – Founder

Will is a seasoned expert in recruitment technology, passionate about connecting talent with opportunities at leading companies.

After discovering bots back in 2016 and to get a sense for the bot world he decided to try his hand at making one. He built his own Resume Chatbot called SimBot who got featured at tech recruitment events across Europe.

An idea came to life… With his growing passion for the industry he decided start a job board that really helps companies find talent and helps talent find the right company to work for in the space.

Guilty by association…

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