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What Makes A Great Developer? [25 traits]

by Will Sims in Employer Inspiration
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What makes a truly great developer? Knowledge of Java, Node, PHP or whatever is important, but it’s not everything. Some might say a positive attitude. Some might say a high-sugar, high-caffeine, high-bacon diet. Some might say an absence of sunlight and as many monitors as a desk can support. If you’re adding a developer to your…

How To Find That Candidate [4 Useful Tips]

by Will Sims in Employer Inspiration
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Sometimes to find the perfect candidate for your open position you have to think small, since the target is to get more qualified resumes right from the start. You’ll be focusing on candidates that are both the most qualified and the most passionate about the industry. The following are some recruiting tips that will help…

5 Tips To Attract Top Talent

by Will Sims in Employer Inspiration
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Everyone wants to find their dream employee, someone who works hard, exudes positive energy, and brings great ideas to the table. So what can you do to attract and retain top talent?

7 Tips On How to Recruit Gen Z

by Will Sims in Employer Inspiration
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Recruiting is a complex task. But innovative recruitment strategies are needed for Generation Z (Gen Z), the most optimistic, intelligent people dealing with tough issues like climate change and terrorism. Gen Z represents the greatest period in history for disruption and innovation, prosperity and advancement. It’s imperative to educate yourself about Gen Z’s needs, attributes and…