Recast.AI is a French startup, located in Paris (Metro Malhesherbes) working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, more specifically in the field of natural language (NLP). Through our platform, we allow to create conversational agents (bots) in a simplified way,


GoStudent provides on-demand tutoring for students between the age of 10-18. They can use the app to ask questions per chat to a community of tutors who answer them 24/7. We launched in End of Oct 2016 and already have


We’re on a mission to make bots ubiquitous and profitable for everybody. We’re currently building the tools developers need to make this happen. was founded in the spring of 2016 with the simple mission of enabling a write once and run everywhere philosophy for conversational interfaces (aka bots). We believe that conversational interfaces represent the future. They will redefine how work gets

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