How To Find That Candidate [4 Useful Tips]

by Will Sims in Employer Inspiration
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Sometimes to find the perfect candidate for your open position you have to think small, since the target is to get more qualified resumes right from the start. You’ll be focusing on candidates that are both the most qualified and the most passionate about the industry.

The following are some recruiting tips that will help you sort the best from the rest.

1. Be specific in the job description

Make sure that you’re being very specific about the job description at hand. List out the qualifications necessary and whatever skills and experience the candidate should possess. Be concise and to-the-point because your candidates aren’t just looking for any job that comes along. You’re recruiting people already interested in your industry, so feel free to use specific language and jargon. If they don’t get it, they’re probably not right for the position.

2. Know your job seeker

Recruiting in the bot & AI industry means that job seekers will often share common attributes. Knowing information about the typical job seeker will allow you to tailor the outlets you use to advertise your position. It will also allow you to seek out your ideal candidate in the places they most often visit, both online and off.

3. Get social

Social media is a great way to connect with job seekers. There’s a good chance that great candidates have found their way to social media. Social media also allows for greater self-selection based on interest and career aspirations. You know the individuals putting time and effort into growing their niche networks will put the same time and effort into your position.

4. Get specialized

If you post your job listing on one of the huge job boards, you’re going to get a lot of responses. Some of them will be from great, talented candidates uniquely qualified for the position. However, more will be from candidates with no relevant experience at all. Sorting through these resumes will take a good chunk of time, even if you only spend about 6 seconds apprising a resume. So what’s a better way to let qualified job seekers know about your position?

Getting specialized could be the answer. That’s why we created Botunity a job site to connect companies with top talent in the bot and AI space.

So, instead of sifting through thousands of resumes from (mostly) unqualified candidates, job seekers and employers in this industry have an easier time discovering each another.


Will Sims
Will Sims